Meet Tim Mathewson,

Tim has been an entrepreneur longer then he can remember. Whether he was scheming up his next lemonade stand or selling pens on the playground, Tim has been trying to help others since he was very young. Moving to Burlington, Vermont for school was a life changing decision for Tim as he had no idea what could come next with all of the possibilities. When he left school early in pursuit of the answers he truly sought the stars aligned for Paul and Tim  to team up to start their first business, Mathewson Home Consulting. Through MHC, the education Tim was really after began to unfold. 3+ years later Tim's entrepreneurial fire still burns hot and he is excited to offer moving and junk removal services in New Hampshire, alongside Paul, Jason, Cousin Ethan, and of course sweet Chloe.

When Tim decided to make his return to New Hampshire he did so with a heavy heart. It was not an easy choice shutting MHC down in Burlington and moving away from an area and a business that has been monumental in his growth and learning. Maybe someday Tim will return and offer remodeling and home maintenance service again in the future however for now his family in New London need him and his skills more.

Millennial Moving Solutions allows Tim to continue doing more of what he loves, creating value and helping others in his community. Nothing excites Tim more than a job well done or putting smiles on others. Starting a business that offers Moving and junk removal was an easy choice for Tim as he offered moving services with Management Home Consulting during his time up north in Burlington. Tim also personally moved over 6 times in a two year span while in school, He is very familiar with the anxieties associated with moving and he is thrilled he has the opportunity with Millennial Moving Solutions to relieve those anxieties from others in his hometown community and turn a stressful activity into something fun.

When you call or email Millennial Moving Solutions, count on Tim to answer with swift and concise answers that can easily be turned into actionable results. He believes his customers should never be waiting unreasonably for answers about their important questions. Tim encourages his customers to become informed and strives to provide quality, useful, and actionable resources on his websites.


Check out a recent guest APPEARANCE Tim had on The New Hampshire Business Podcast- 

Tim discusses why he chose the Name Millennial Moving Solutions and a few of the lessons he has learned over the past few years.