Meet Paul Mathewson

Paul has been involved in a variety of service businesses over his life time from running a landscaping business when he was 15 to painting houses while in college to running a remodeling carpentry business most recently with his brother Tim. Paul always enjoys working on different businesses he creates or helps create with his family. 

 Paul has also held for a variety of corporate jobs and holds a Masters degree in Finance. He loves to analyze numbers and spot trends and other ways to help maximize different efforts to become more efficient. Paul loves to interact with people as they is always an opportunity to lend a help hand and always something to learn from others. 

Overall Paul loves the moving industry as it very stressful time for people, with so many things to think about if you are moving. Paul believes in a detailed and focused approach to move and wants to help out in anyway possible; from physically moving items for customers to sitting down and discussing the details of move and costs associated with the transition to driving the items from one location to the other including cross country which is Paul’s favorite part and he has completed many cross country moves. At the end of the day though, for Paul it is all about creating value through great customer service.

Feel free to call or email Millennial Moving Solutions and ask for Paul and you will be amazed with the great conversation and variety of topics that will covered in such a short time.