Long Distance

Book our full service moving today and schedule a free in home estimate to review the details of your long distance move. On your move day our team will show up with the truck and load your belongings, coordinate check ins to meet you at your new home for the unload. Use our price estimator to budget for all the details of your move. 


Our core moving values


    From our first interaction with a new inquiry we are taking notes of all the important details surrounding your move and will communicate timely using your medium of choice. We strive to create meaningful dialogue that allows the effective communication to address all of your preferences, concerns, and questions throughout the entire process of your move, from prep to finish.


    We know your greatest asset in life is your time which is why we take extra care in arriving on time, if not earlier then the agreed upon start time. In addition our focus on time goes one step further to include our focus. When we are moving for you, we are on your clock, and we are focused on YOU and your move.


    We are brothers, we are friends, and we are family. We take pride in being incredibly easy to work with. Our go getting attitudes will be apparent from the moment your moving team steps out of the truck. Get to know all of us on our team page. We are an open book and would love to get to know you more as well on your moving day.


    We love to show off our abilities with our moving efficiency, effectiveness, and time saving strategies. Our equipment is a significant aid in this effort. From hand tools, wrap, straps, and plastic bags to our moving blankets, box dollies, and furniture dollies, we are always looking for new ways to save us precious time on a move and you precious dollars in your wallet.

FAQS- Long Distance Moving

+ Who actually completes my long distance move?

We Do! From prep to finish you will have either Tim or Paul personally, or a Mving Team Lead assigned to your move, overseeing every detail and your main point of contact while in transit. At the destination a two person moving team will arrive with the moving truck and your precious belongings. For larger moves we rely on a trusted network of professional movers to assist our own team.

+ Do you provide the moving truck?

Millennial Moving Solutoions is a full service, profesional moving company. We can customize your moving strategy anyway you'd like to fit your exact needs. We can bring our own truck at the right size for your move. We can also just be a labor service providing our muscle, hand tools, and heartwarming attitudes.

+ Do you provide basic handtools?

Yes we do! Every Millennial Moving Team is fully equipped with all the necessities, prepared to assemmble or dissassemble any piece of furniture.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We will accept all forms of payment, including and not limited to, cash, check, credit card, and venmo.

+ Will you dissassemble and assemble my furniture?

Your Millennial Moving Team will show up on moving day fully equipped to safely take apart any of your furniture and organize the loose piece for transit, either securing pieces to the furniture using plastic wrap, or a plastic bag if we are putting it back together at its destination.

+ Are you insured?

Millennial Moving Solutions is fully insured in all of the following ways, Workman's Comp, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Warehouseman's, and a robust Cargo policy at $100,000 of coverage for your household belongings.

+ Do you use dollies or handtrucks?

Yes we do! Each of our Millennial Moving Trucks are equipped with a converting cart dollie and a furniture dollie. Upon request we can also provide specialty appliance dollies. We will use this equipment for moves that have longer walks between the entrance and the moving truck or for moves in and out of apartment complexes with long hallways. We find this moving eqipment speeds up our moving teams and saves you money on your moving bill.

+ Do you offer any other services?

Yes we do! Millennial Moving Solutions strives to be the solutions center for all your moving needs. In addition to our long distance moving, we can clean your home, organize your home, haul your junk away, process and deliver your donations, pack your home before a move, deliver you packing supplies before your move, provide your household belongings safe and secure storage. We can help you plan and build your move from prep to finish.