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Pick the day you’d like to move and get in contact with The Millennial Moving Team. The more in advanced the service request, the easier it will be to schedule on your choice time and day. Use our estimate form to organize your details and begin scheduling your move.

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After filling out the estimate form, either Beth, Tim, or Paul will be in touch via email and phone to review pricing and any other missing details for your move. At this time We will finalize your details, and moving time/date.


Millennial Moving Solutions will contact you 48 hours prior to your service day to remind you of your upcoming move. At this time expected weather, job changes, addresses, and start time will be reviewed.

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5. Move!

Millennial Moving Solutions will arrive with all proper protective equipment and will be equipped with any moving tools necessary for your request. We will accept most forms of payment including Cash, Check, and all major credit cards upon completion.

Who We Are

We are two brothers dedicated to deliver our New Hampshire community the highest quality moving services and customer support. Our energy and positivity will show from the moment I, Tim or my brother Paul, or any of our Moving Pros step out of the truck.

We know moving can be some of the most stressful times in our customers' lives but we are here to tell you it should be just the opposite.

At Millennial Moving Solutions, We believe moving should be fun, almost a celebration even. Whether you are moving because of something good or bad, a new chapter is unfolding for you and we want to make this process as stress-free as we can.